WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — During this time of uncertainty over the coronavirus, News 8 understands that people are stressed, and need some positives to focus on.

Teachers across Connecticut have been bending over backward to make sure their students know they are missed and will be supported while distance learning is in session, and the teachers at Dag Hammarskjold Middle School in Wallingford are no exception.

With some movie magic and collaboration, Paul Bogush and many other teachers at Dag have created an uplifting video for their students. The written messages magically appear as the teachers’ clips are played in reverse.

Wallingford Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Salvatore Menzo even made an appearance, holding up a sign saying “Miss you…keep safe, keep focused, keep in touch.”

It’s part of a weekly video challenge the Dag teachers have been participating in during these uncertain times.

We’re told the next video challenge will be a lip sync battle against the Moran Middle School teachers across town.