The cost of oil on the rise and with low temperatures, many in our state are struggling to heat their homes; Operation Fuel wants people to know that help is available.

Operation fuel helps people who are struggling to pay their bills still make it through the winter with heat in their homes. And they say more people than usual need help right now.

That’s because of the one-two punch of so many people losing their jobs during the pandemic, and the skyrocketing price of oil. Electric rates have gone up too, so people who have electric heat are paying more. And even those with natural gas may find it tough to pay the bill. Even before the pandemic, there were around 400,000 families in Connecticut at risk for not being able to pay their utility bills. There are probably more than that now, and operation fuel’s Executive Director says they want to help.

“We are rarely turning people away, despite what their income may be.  people are struggling across the board. We typically used to see folks who are seniors, living with disabilities, struggling with the cost of basic needs. But that has since been expanded to a more wider of the population here in our state.” Said Brenda Watson, Executive Director of Operation Fuel.

She says even if folks are working, their pay might not be enough to keep up with the rising cost of heating oil. She says, even if you are not sure you qualify, if you’re having trouble paying for heat, give it a shot. Here’s how you can do it. You can try the state help line 2-1-1. Explain your problem and they will connect you with operation fuel. Or, you can go to their public portal, operation help. There are also local fuel banks all across the state you can contact.

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