Gas prices are climbing in Connecticut and are now more than $3 a gallon in some places. 

“It seems like every time you come you just don’t know what you’re going to get,” Rachel Cooper said. 

“I fill up once a day for work so about $80 a day right now,” Tyler Tucker told News 8. 

The next time you fill up, the prices might be even higher. The U.S. pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal means the pinch we are feeling at the pump could get even tighter. 

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“It’s one of those things that’s just kind of a necessary evil and you deal with it,” Eric Urbineti said. 

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) says gas prices will rise.  He staunchly opposed President Trump‘s decision to pull out of the deal on several fronts, calling it a shot in our own foot. 

“Americans are less safe because of this self destructive step,” Sen. Blumenthal said.  “Not only does it undermine our national security, it undercuts our credibility in trying to reach any sort of agreement with the North Koreans on their nuclear deal and it divided us from allies when we need them on our side.” 

Financial planner, Paul Schatz says the markets were already anticipating the decision. 

“It’s the worst kept secret in Hollywood that Trump was going to pull out,” Schatz told News 8.  “Oil has already had a significant rally in part due to the expectation.” 

Schatz is not so convinced the global economy is going to feel any detrimental effects, saying Americans can rest easy. 

“A lot of geo-political loudness, noise, non sense and beating of the chest, but the global economy remains in growth mode,” Schatz added. 

Pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Deal was a campaign promise President Trump made and has now fulfilled.