Parents might want to be cautious about ‘Pokemon Go’


NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– It has people chasing virtual characters around very real streets. Here’s why parents might want to be cautious about “Pokémon Go”.

This type of game is called augmented reality. You walk around downtown New Haven, stopping at real landmarks like statues and churches. That’s where you pick up pokeballs, which you then use to capture Pokémon. When you find Pokémon, your phone’s camera comes on and you see the little cartoon animal superimposed on the scene of wherever you’re standing. A few problems with this.Related: Pokemon GO: new craze for gamers

For one, people are lazy, so we already have reports of accidents as people drive around to the different spots instead of walking. For those who are walking, they are walking around staring at the screen of their phone, which makes it easy to bump into other people, lamp posts, and moving cars.

Other can players can create things in the game that make you want to go to a certain place. Some guys in Missouri did that in a remote location and then robbed the people who showed up.

You also have to remember that a fair amount of young people are playing this game.Related: Police in Missouri Say Teens Used Pokemon Go to Rob Victims

“Unfortunately these are the kinds of things that sometimes can be appealing to people who are child predators– to lure children to places,” said Carol Weitzman, Professor of Pediatrics, Yale School of Medicine

When you log in, the game does put up a reminder to be aware of your surrounding at all times. One person looking for Pokémon in Wyoming actually found a dead body instead.Related: ‘Pokemon Go’ player finds unconscious woman

People looking for love are also having some luck with this game, at least they claim they are. You do have to go out in public, so chances are you’re going to find other people playing this game.

And there are lots of people playing. Pokémon Go has more daily users than the dating app Tinder, and it is fast approaching the daily user umbers of Twitter.

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