SYRACUSE, New York (KRON/CNN) – A couple in upstate New York is going to court to force their 30-year-old son to move out.

They say he is refusing to leave the house despite multiple notices they gave him.

However, 30-Year-old Michael Rotondo claims that legally he wasn’t given enough notice to leave.

Court filings allege Rotondo doesn’t contribute to the family’s expenses and doesn’t help out with chores around the house.

His parents have given him five written notices over the past few months telling him he needs to leave.

They even claim they’ve offered to help him get started on his own.

“Give his mother and father space. It’s time. He’s 30. And not paying rent. You need to be independent,” resident Lashea Wright said.

“That doesn’t make no sense if you’re going to your mother’s house. Thirty years old and don’t help do nothing–grow up,” resident Christopher Adams said.

The Rotondos are scheduled to hash it out again in court later this month, about seven weeks before their son’s 31st birthday.