SHELTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Periodic Tableware is pretty cool glassware. This “Mad Men” versus “Breaking Bad” product is the brain child of Marshall Jamshidi. He’s using items normally found in a science lab for drinking glasses and such.

Jamshidi is making his glassware in Shelton after a very successful kickstarter campaign in which he brought in $38,000.

“I found a beautiful space with natural light, which I need because I use light to cure some of the stuff,” he said

“Here I’m filling up the bottom of the martini glass with oil and water, and actually it’s filled up, that oil is filled up at 300 degrees when I put it in,” said Jamshidi.

He’s only been online for about a month, but people are already starting to find his products, like martini glasses that have little colors and liquid in them.

“The wine glass is really where the line started,” said Jamshidi. “It’s a 200 milliliter beaker. You can get a heavy pour, 250 milliliters out of there if needed, and I like the clean and strong geometry of the top.”

All Periodic Tableware products are dishwasher-safe, expect for fluid-filled martini glasses.

“This is a ground-glass stopper and flask, and this is a retort handle,” said the line’s owner. “When I was prototyping all this stuff there was a lot of drawing and kind of just putting things together and see how it looked and deciding this wasn’t very good, or this was good or what else can I do with it.”

Jamshidi’s company is in The Conti Building. It’s an old 19th century brick building where corsets were once made. The Conti has a whole new life with Periodic Tableware and other small businesses inside.

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