Pet store owner says $30K in exotic birds stolen overnight


Tens of thousands of dollars worth of exotic birds were stolen from a New Haven pet store early Tuesday morning.

Police say that just before 3:30 a.m., a newspaper deliverer called police to report that the door to Worldwide Fish & Pet on Amity Road had been propped open.

Officers responded to the scene to find the door open with a piece of metal and some pet food scattered about. There were also feathers discovered at the back of the shop. 

The owner was called to the store and found that several high-priced birds were gone.  Peter Sachs says $30,000 in Parrots, Conures and Cockatoos were snatched.  

“If the people who stole the birds are seeing this, please take good care of them,” Sachs pleaded.  “Please keep them warm, feed them well and make sure they have clean water.” 

Sachs fought through tears talking about his beloved birds. 

“I hand-raised some of the birds – fed them with a syringe before they even had feathers on them,” Sachs added.  

According to the police, the missing include a Scarlet Macaw ($2,800), two Blue and Gold Macaws ($2,500 each), an African Grey ($2,500), a Severas Macaw ($1,400), two Grimson Belly Conures ($550 each), an Orange Sun Conure ($349), and several cages with some containing Cockatoos ($1,800).

Evidence at the scene determined that it was possible a U-Haul truck was used to steal the birds but detectives are still searching for surveillance footage from businesses and traffic cameras in the area.

“They parked in an ally on the side of the store, cut through the chain link fence and went through it,” Sachs added.  

Police are asking for the public’s help in finding the birds due to the  immediate concern for their proper care and environment

Anyone with information regarding the suspects or the birds is urged to contact detectives at 203-946-6304. 

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