NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Are you planning a vacation? The travel website Expedia found that heading into 2022, 68% of Americans plan on taking a vacation this year.

“We have vacations that were booked in 2020 that were moved to 2021, then were moved to 2022,” said Kristen Aldieri of Reney Tours in Bristol.

Everything costs more right now, and travel is no different, so Aldieri said you have to be smart and book early. Pent-up demand is causing higher capacity and prices for last-minute travel.

As for what’s popular, Aldieri said all-inclusive is less stress, everything is taken care of for you.

“I take the stress out of your vacation,” she said. “You can just go and have a relaxing time knowing everything is taken care of for you.”

Next don’t the list is cruising. Something for everyone, although it’s still for the fully vaccinated at this point. The demand remains high for trips to Florida, especially for those who don’t want to leave the country.

Aldieri puts a big emphasis on travel protection. What if COVID-19 numbers are high where you’re going, and you don’t have COVID-19? Can you get out of going and get your money back?

“The ‘cancel for any reason’ comes in for anyone who is nervous,” she said. “That’s a peace of mind for when we sell travel to people. A ‘cancel for any reason’ policy means if you just decide the day before you don’t want to go, you have that option. Now you’re just deciding how you get your money back, whether it’s for future credit, or if it’s cashback.”

She of course recommends booking through a travel agent.

“During COVID, we had our customers’ backs 100%,” Aldieri said. “They didn’t have to call a company to deal with them. They didn’t have to stay on hold for four hours.”

She said the agents do the research and explain to clients what they need to travel like documents, testing, vaccinations, and health surveys.