HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — If you’re looking to place a bet on the Huskies, you may have a long drive ahead of you.

Like New York, Connecticut has followed New Jersey’s lead and has banned betting on in-state college teams. It is illegal to do so both online and in-person.

However, you can still bet on the Huskies if you travel outside of Connecticut.

Rep. Amy Morrin Bello (D-District 28) has proposed a bill that she said would prevent Connecticut colleges and university from directly soliciting students to bet on sports. Companies and sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel could still advertise on campus.

“The intent is to look at protecting our young adults while they’re in school,” Morrin Bello said.

She said that regulations must be in place to protect the students.

“The purpose of higher education is to educate these students in a safe environment, and to help create an environment that is easy to do this online gambling through the university just didn’t seem appropriate to me,” Morrin Bello said.

The bill passed out of the higher education committee and is ready to be heard in the state House of Representatives.