ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) – Less than a week away from Election Day, the candidates for U.S. Senate went head-to-head in a televised debate Wednesday night. 

The debate was hosted by WFSB and CT Insider in Rocky Hill. 

Incumbent Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Republican candidate Leora Levy spoke on topics important to voters. 

On the economy, Levy said her opponents’ actions led to inflation. 

“Frankly, he raised taxes on the middle class with the ‘Biden-Blumenthal Build Inflation Back Better Act’ with the American Relief Plan,” Levy said. 

Blumenthal defended the U.S. government’s response to the pandemic, saying “At a time of need, the government came to the rescue of our small businesses and I’m proud that we stepped up and did it in a bipartisan way.”

They also discussed Social Security. President Joe Biden said Tuesday that parts of Medicare and Social Security could be on the chopping block if Republicans take control of Congress on Election Day.

“We need to stand up, speak out and fight like I will do for a Social Security that is secure for all Americans now and going into the future,” Blumenthal said.

Levy responded by saying, “We wouldn’t be in this problem if my opponent and his colleagues in the Democrat party hadn’t raided Social Security and Medicare for their other socialist programs.”

When asked about Roe v. Wade, Blumenthal defended his stance on abortion rights. 

“I trust women to make decisions about their own health care,” he said. “My opponent wants to give those decisions to government officials or politicians.”

Levy briefly addressed the topic of Roe v. Wade, saying she personally is against abortion but said the right to an abortion is up to each state. She took the rest of her time to discuss how people are struggling to make ends meet.

“The problems that people are talking to me about as I travel the state are the fact that they can’t afford their lives, they can’t afford to feed their children,” she said.

The candidates were also asked about their support for the current and former presidents. Blumenthal pointed to Levy’s relationship with former president Donald Trump to reporters after the debate. 

Levy left without answering any questions. In her place, a spokesperson told the press that Levy won the debate. Her office then issued the following statement: 

“After 37 years in public office, Dick Blumenthal is out-of-touch and has failed Connecticut voters. Under his watch, we have 40-year high core inflation, skyrocketing home energy prices, potential winter blackouts, rising crime, an invasion at our southern border, and politics infiltrating the classroom. Connecticut residents have had enough and are ready to elect a change in leadership. I represent a return to common-sense legislation and, unlike my opponent whose policies are crushing American families’ American Dreams, I look forward to fighting in the Senate to make life more affordable for all Americans. This election is about taking back our country, and I know Connecticut will join the red wave on November 8.”