WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTNH) — Tuesday, it was Connecticut’s Senior Senator Richard Blumenthal, pinning down Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions‘ position on undocumented students who were brought to the United States as children.

“I’m asking for your commitment as a prospective Attorney General, your respect for the constitution, to make a commitment that those young people will not be deported,” Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said. “That you will continue that policy that has been initiated.”

Wednesday, it was Junior Senator Chris Murphy, taking aim at former Exxon Mobil CEO and Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, on the company’s record of doing business in several questionable countries.

“Was there any country in the world where the record of civil rights was so horrible or conduct directly threatened global interests or national security interests where Exxon wouldn’t do business?” Murphy (D-Conn.) asked.

As President-Elect Donald Trump‘s cabinet takes shape, Connecticut’s two Senators got their point across. But as Democrats in the minority, there’s little they can do to stop the confirmation.

“Since you only need 51 votes in this case, it’s almost certain that all of Trump’s nominees will get through,” said University of New Haven Political Science Professor Matthew Schmidt.

Senator Blumenthal sits on the Judiciary Committee, where Sessions’ hearing was held. And Senator Murphy is on the Foreign Relations Committee, where Tillerson’s hearing was held. Schmidt said the tough questioning from senators is to establish a public record on the probable future presidential cabinet members.

“To ask questions and to get the nominees to make statements that are in the public record that are there for news organizations and political organizations down the road to use in the political process,” Schmidt said.