NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Former President Donald Trump was indicted by a Grand Jury in New York City on Thursday.

Scott Mclean, a political science professor at Quinnipiac University called the indictment an unprecedented moment in the country’s history. 

It is the first time any United States president, current, or former, has faced criminal charges. 

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“Much less convicted of a crime certainly Richard Nixon would’ve surely been indicted had he not been pardoned by Gerald Ford but here we are,” McLean said. 

News 8 spoke with Brig Smith, the General Counsel of the city of Middletown. 

Smith told News 8 that under New York State law, one of the possible outcomes of the indictment could be a potential misdemeanor for business concealment, or they can tag that onto a second crime, perhaps campaign finance. 

While it’s not clear when we’ll find out what’s in the indictment. 

“The indictment has now been issued but it’s sealed which means we’re probably not going to know any of us until it’s unsealed in open court,” Smith said. 

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News 8 also spoke with Ryan McGuigan, a former prosecutor. 

“We don’t know at this moment what the charges are. It’s a possibility that it’s just a misdemeanor. Even if he were convicted, he could still run for president,” he said. 

Experts told News 8 the constitution says the president has a duty to ensure laws are faithfully executed and that there is a lot of uncertainty as to what will happen next.

The video below aired in our 10 p.m. newscast on March 30.