NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The first question on the ballot Tuesday is about early voting and whether the state constitution should be amended to allow it. 

Quinnipiac University political science professor Wesley Renfro expects the referendum to pass. 

“Post-pandemic, there seems to be much more support for early voting,” he said. “I don’t think this is going to be especially controversial in Connecticut because support for early voting tends to track with folks who are aligned with the Democratic party, and Connecticut is a pretty blue state. From my individual perspective, higher voter turnout in all contexts is good”

Renfro said early voting could be beneficial for people who can’t change their work schedule or have health issues. 

Several municipalities have additional questions. Here are some items on the ballot:

Norwich: New schools 

-Should the city authorize $385 million for four new elementary schools, a new middle school (or renovate the existing school), and renovate the central office? 

Chesire: New schools 

-Should the town authorize $166.6 million to build two new elementary schools?

Manchester: New library 

-Should the town approve $39 million to build a new branch of the Manchester Public Library?

Enfield: Expand public safety complex 

-Should the town authorize $15.1 million to expand the public safety complex to provide space for the town’s emergency medical services and police department? 

Ledyard, Litchfield, and Waterbury: Marijuana 

-Should the sale of recreational marijuana be allowed? The Waterbury ballot is also asking if the production of recreational marijuana should be allowed. 

Bristol: City hall business 

-Should the mayor’s term be increased from two to four years?

-Should elected or appointed officials who are convicted of a felony, fraudulent conduct, or engage in unlawful harassment be subject to penalties up to and including removal from office?

This question comes five years after the city council concluded former Bristol mayor Ken Cockayne retaliated against a female city employee who filed a sexual harassment complaint against him. The city council censured Cockayne, but the city charter does not say he could be removed from office. 

New Britain:  City hall positions 

-Should the city approve a new chief administrative officer position appointed by the mayor that would handle the day-to-day operations of the city? 

-Should the city remove the five citywide seats on the common council and return to the 15-member council elected by wards?

Madison: Selectman term 

Should the town change the term of the first selectman and all other members of the board of selectmen to four years?

Cromwell: Town council term 

-Should the town change the term of each of the members of the town council, including the mayor, to four years? 

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