(WTNH) — News 8’s Jacquie Slater spoke with an expert about Gov. Malloy’s legacy.

“I think they’ll remember him as a very decent man, which he is.”

Tom Dudchik is the editor and publisher of the CT Capitol Report. He says it’s been a tumultuous run for Governor Dannel Malloy.

Dudchik says Malloy has had some tremendous highs, like raising the state’s minimum wage and his response to major weather events like Superstorm Sandy and the Blizzard of 2013. The most notable event during his time as governor was the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

“You have to look at tragic events in Newtown, but that also showed how he was able to kind of bring the state together,” Dudchik said.

The nation watched as Malloy fought for gun control, banning the sale of assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Hillary Clinton also praised his efforts as she campaigned this past summer.

“What happened here in Connecticut really needs to be a model to stand up and then fight for what you have done politically,” he said.

Despite those accomplishments, Malloy has struggled with low approval ratings, bottoming out at just 24 percent last June. Dudchik notes several key issues that don’t sit well with the majority of the public.

“Certainly General Electric leaving, some of the tax increases that he had to go through and I think the general slow economic recovery of the state,” Dudchik noted.

Malloy’s administration raised taxes three times since he took office and this year’s budget slashes millions in aid to municipalities. With 20 months left in office, Dudchik believes Malloy won’t let the negative backlash slow him down as he works to overcome financial challenges.

“He’s a tough guy and I think he’s going to do what he believes and he did believe, what’s in the best interest of the State of Connecticut and let the chips fall where they may,” Dudchik said.