(WTNH) — There is some controversy over the name of a bill being considered in our state: “Jennifers’ Law” hopes to expand the definition of domestic violence in this state. It was inspired by two women named Jennifer, but now that name may be removed from the bill.

Lawmakers want to be sure what is signed into law is in the best interest of the victims. The Jennifers in this case – Jennifer Dulos of New Canaan, and Jennifer Magnano of Terryville. Police say both were killed by their spouses.

A bill was first introduced by Senator Alex Kasser for the purpose of modernizing the definition of domestic violence in Connecticut. More specifically, to recognize the full scope of coercive controlling both physical and non-physical. That bill was called “Jennifer’s Law.”

This bill was combined with another that dealt more with restraining orders. The bill broadens the scope, but it’s now called, “An act concerning a study of criminal laws of this state.”

The children of Jennifer Magnano are opposed to removing the two women from the name.

“Ultimately yes, we do just want it to pass. We want to help victims, we want to help survivors, we want there to be changed but I don’t think that this is the best way to go about it,” Jessica Rosenbeck, Jennifer Magnano’s daughter.

“The biggest priority is just that this gets passed, it is an important bill regardless of the name of it. I think that the move to strike the name is petty,” David Nagnano, Jennifer Magnano’s son.

The attorney who has represented the Magnano family, Michelle Cruz, said a lot of survivors have used the name “Jennifer” as a way to protect their identity.

Lawmakers say the original bill was only “colloquially” known as “Jennifers’ Law.” What’s in a name? A lot to the family of Jennifer Magnano.

To read the entire proposal, click here.