Fasten your seat belt, here we go: Malloy proposes tolls and tax hikes


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The Governor is proposing placing electronic tolls across the state starting in just four years to pay for road bridge and public transportation improvements. He also wants to gradually increase the tax on gasoline by 7 cents over the next four years while the electronic toll gantries are being constructed.

As if that isn’t enough; he also is calling for a $3 per tire fee on the purchase of new tires.  That’s twelve bucks on a new set of tires for your car or truck.  He additionally wants to transfer part of the Sales Tax on new car purchases to the transportation fund for this quadruple whammy of charges to the motoring public.Related Content: Electronic tolls to be proposed, Republicans say not needed

The Governor says that with projections showing a growing presence of electric cars over the next decades, the current reliance on the Gas Tax will continue to fail adding, “There will be no money. We have to stop putting our heads in the sand on this particular issue. And that’s what we’ve been doing.”

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The Republican leader in the State Senate, Sen. Len Fasano (R-North Haven) coming down hard on the Governor’s ideas saying,  “We’re talking about $104 million of new taxes. 104 million and then, on top of that you’re going to put tolls in?”

The Republican leader notes that a proposal two years ago suggested more than 70 toll gantries around the state charging 10 to 20 cents per mile.  Said Fasano, “What we’re told to do is to approve it and we’ll fill in the blanks later. That just doesn’t work.”

The Republican leader in the House, Rep. Themis Klarides (R-Derby) adding, “The proposal is nowhere near concrete enough or, quite frankly realistic enough for us to even consider.”

The Democratic Speaker of the House, Representative Joe Aresimowicz, of Berlin, pledged today to bring a toll proposal to the House for an up or down vote this session to get everyone on record either for or against imposing electronic tolls on Connecticut roads.

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