(WTNH)–As News 8 reported on Thursday, the state’s transportation fund, which covers bridges, roads, trains and buses, is headed toward the red. Like the general fund, which is also in constant deficit, the special transportation budget may be losing money in six months.

“That creates an immediate crisis in our ability to pay existing obligations,” said Department of Transportation Commissioner Jim Redeker.Related:State’s Special Transportation Fund headed for the red

At a news conference on Thursday, Governor Dannel Malloy attempted to discuss the developments in the transportation fund. He ended up in an animated exchange with News 8’s Mark Davis, who pressed him on providing his plan on how the state will fix its budgetary mess.

“Ever since you were elected to a second term, you were going around the state highlighting projects that needed a rebuild, like the Mixmaster in Waterbury,” Mark Davis said. “And at every stop, you always defer. You always defer. You never, ever put your political stuff on the line on how to pay for this stuff, so isn’t part of this your fault?”

“Well, you’re wrong,” Malloy came back. “I have said repeatedly that the state needed to do something.”

“But you never said what. You never endorsed anything–anything,” Davis said. “So, what’s your answer? It is your fault.”

“I disagree with you. That’s my answer. I have repeatedly said tolls needed to be considered. I have repeatedly said that the tax revenue was declining rapidly. You’ve heard me say that. You may decide to forget it today.”

Watch the video above for the full exchange, and the rest of Malloy’s answer to the question.

For the full news conference, watch the video below.