HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Following a projected Election Day win, Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont’s team is celebrating his victory.

“They want bipartisanship,” Lt. Gov. Susan Bysewiecz said about the voters.

The Lamont/Bysewiecz ticket won by double digits in a rematch against Republican Bob Stefanowski, with unofficial results showing a 13-percentage point win.

“He ran a great campaign,” Stefanowski said. “He won. It is the will of the State of Connecticut.”

Lamont said he saw unity on the campaign trail.

“I saw a state that really came together,” he said.

Stefanowski conceded to Lamont Wednesday morning.

“I asked in particular for him to look at this police accountability bill — keeping law enforcement safe,” Stefanowski said.

Lamont countered saying that while he’s happy to fine-tune the bill, he doesn’t want to “demagogue” it.

Instead, he’s focusing on cutting the gas tax and recognizing the impact inflation has on the middle class.

 “I think we’re going to see what we can afford and we’re going to model this out,” Lamont said. “And if gas goes up $0.25, what does that mean we can do in terms of a gas tax cut? If it goes down, what do we need to do to make sure I have enough money to fix our roads and bridges?”

Stefanowski said he still wants people to get money back from the millions in state surplus.

And as for a potential gas tax, there may be a special session to address it before the holiday season.