HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Dannel Malloy is proposing to jack up pistol permit fees in our state by 400 percent. He says it’ll help shrink the massive state budget deficit.

Gun owner Bill Bechter is angry at the governor’s new plan to increase permit fees 400 percent from $75 to $300. A Connecticut Citizens Defense League meeting in Middletown was packed on Valentine’s Day and there wasn’t much love in the room for the governor.Related Content: Gun owners start push back against Malloy pistol fee hike

Elizabeth Drysdale drove from Waterbury to attend the meeting.

“I’m a single mom in Waterbury, Connecticut, which is a pretty crime ridden urban area and so this is going to hit me pretty hard; the proposed increase in fees,” said Drysdale.

She says she’s a minivan driving soccer mom who was at Tuesday’s Citizens Defense League meeting because she has two daughters. She wants to protect them, and has a permit. It’s legal, it’s her constitutional right, and she plans to fight not only for her, but her family.

“It’s also going to hit my parents, my dad is a Vietnam era veteran and my mom and him are both retired on a fixed income and this is going to hit them equally hard it’s going to be a double whammy for them,” said Drysdale.

While there were a couple hundred people at the CCDL meeting in Middletown, up at the capital there was a hearing Tuesday afternoon and there wasn’t as large of a turnout. They say that’s because there was such short notice it wasn’t put out ahead of time. Scott Wilson, the president of the CCDL says this is another example of this back door gun control.

“It’s no secret that Governor Malloy has never been a friend of gun owners in the State of Connecticut since he has been the governor, and we think that if he can increase the fees to eliminate some gun owners in the future by not being able to afford the permit fees, the governor would consider that a win,” said Wilson.

The CCDL plans a news conference on Friday.