(WTNH) — Immigrant rights group leaders here in Connecticut say that anxiety among local immigrant families is even higher than normal because of the threat of raids around the country. “We stand with the families that have been terrorized by the Trump Administration. No family should live in fear of arrests and raids in this country,” says Chris George of New Haven based Integrated Refugee & Immigrant Services.

President Trump says the nationwide raids will begin on Sunday but the ‘New York Times’ is reporting that local ICE branches could start them sooner.

Immigrant rights activists from around the state joined Senator Richard Blumenthal in front of the federal district court in support of his proposal
to codify in law ICE policy that forbids raids on schools, churches, hospitals
and courthouses. A policy Blumenthal says has been ignored adding, “There have been repeated and countless instances of ICE disregarding it’s own written policy.”

The immigrant rights group leaders who joined Senator Blumenthal outside the federal district courthouse in Hartford say that the combination of the news about the impending raids, and the push by the Trump Administration for a citizenship question on the census has inflamed
anxiety among immigrant families.

Contanza Segovia of Hartford Area Deportation Defense saying, “I think a lot of people are more fearful than they’ve been but also, unfortunately there’s a fear that a lot of people live with all the time.” Alok Bhatt of Connecticut “I think there’s always anxiety in the community given this administration’s attitude towards immigrant communities, particularly immigrant communities, people of color.”

Democratic led state governments, like Connecticut, have been preparing for the raids and organizations, like Segovia’s, give this advice, “If there is no judge signed warrant you don’t have to open the door. You actually don’t have to say anything to them if they stop you on the street.”

Senator Blumenthal admits his proposal has a better chance of passing in the House than the Senate.


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