HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Nationwide inflation is at a 40-year high of 9.1%. The cost of everyday items like gas and eggs has become the center of daily conversations, including those on the campaign trail.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob Stefanowski says Connecticut families are hurting.

“It’s now costing the average family in Connecticut $600 per month, And I’m not sure where people are supposed to come up with that money,” Stefanowski said. 

At a press conference with his lieutenant governor candidate, State Rep. Laura Devlin, Stefanowski says the Lamont administration is ignoring the pain people are going through.

Gov. Ned Lamont is in Maine at the National Governors Association Meeting. His campaign spokesperson Jake Lewis released a statement saying in part, “In his first term, Gov. Lamont has successfully turned our economy around, including passing the largest set of tax cuts in state history that not a single Republican voted for.”

But Stefanowski says Lamont is out of touch.

“You want to go to somebody who just filled up their tank, and it cost $90, and tell them, don’t worry about it, ‘it’s backward-looking?'” added Stefanowski.

Lamont made that statement about inflation at an event in Hartford Wednesday.

“I think that 9.1% inflation number is a backward-looking number,” Lamont told reporters. 

Lamont said he is optimistic that declining gas prices and diesel prices show progress. 

“What you’ve seen in terms of construction materials and food and grain and all of those things on the commodities market, I think we are beginning to bend the curve,” Lamont said.

His challenger says Democrats have the ability to call a special session and lower the sales tax, get rid of the meals tax, and suspend a trucking tax set to begin the first of the year so people can stretch their dollars.

“Kitchen table economics right now is broken, as you heard from Bob,” Delvin said. “People are making tradeoff decisions.”

The Republican duo says the administration is sitting on a $3 billion rainy day fund.

“Gov. Lamont has it. Quite honestly, I have it, but many people in Connecticut don’t,” added Stefanowski.

One thing both candidates agree on is that the country is heading toward a recession.