Ned Lamont and his running mate Susan Bysiewicz say that Bob Stefanowski and his running mate Joe Markley should be ‘calling out’ President Trump for mocking Christine Blasey Ford at a political rally Wednesday night, but the two Republicans are staying out of it.

Ned Lamont and his running mate Susan Bysiewicz toured the new “Tribus Beer Company” brewery and brew pub in Milford Thursday promising to lift volume selling restrictions and excise taxes on the rapidly growing local brewery businesses in the state.  They noted the 80 plus operating Connecticut breweries are creating lots of new jobs with a dozen more breweries opening soon.

They also dipped once again into the controversy surrounding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court and were especially critical of President Trump’s mocking of the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford at a political rally in Alabama earlier this week. “I thought it was absolutely wrong and inappropriate and I don’t think it’s an issue that a candidate for Governor, who represents all the people of the State of Connecticut, you don’t ‘take a pass’ on that,” said Lamont. 

Bysiewicz adding, “It’s important for future leaders or those who aspire to be leaders of our state to call out other leaders if they’re being disrespectful.”

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Bob Stefanowski declined to comment directly, reiterating his previous statement that allegations of sexual assault absolutely must be taken seriously and victims must be treated with respect. Also saying he’s running for Governor not U.S. Senate.

His running mate,  State Senator Joe Markley of Southington is apparently in complete agreement with that stance saying, “I didn’t even see or hear what the President did so I don’t have any opinion about it one way or another.I think there’s a limited value in us getting involved in federal issues that we have absolutely no control over.”

Both Markley and Stefanowski continue to stick to that mantra.