The political marriage of Greenwich businessman Ned Lamont and former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz was formally announced outside Lamont’s headquarters in New Haven.   

With Bysiewicz now running for Lt. Governor, it removes one of Lamont’s top competitors for delegates to the party’s state convention this weekend.

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It likely means that Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is now Lamont’s strongest opponent when the convention balloting begins on Saturday.  

Ganim, who is already gathering signatures to get on the primary ballot, say he will run even if he doesn’t qualify at the convention.  

“I saw what was going on over at the Republican convention, they can keep taking their pot shots.  We’re going to stick to the issues, talk about where we want this state to go, be unified, I hope, coming out of this convention,” said Lamont.  Bysiewicz added, “I think it’s clear that this will be a tough election.  I think both parties are taking that into account and I think boht of us agree that united we have the best chance.”

But sources within the New Haven delegation, the largest to this weekend’s convention, tell News 8 they had wanted the running mate to be a person of color.  A high-ranking member of the New Haven delegation saying that he was livid about what he called the “all white club.”  Asked about the issue, Bysiewicz said,  “We are very committed to have qualified, competent, people that show the diversity of our state appointed to judgeships, to commissioner positions, to deputy commissioner positions, to boards and commissions.”

Some good news about the convention: State Democratic Party Chairman Nick Balletto says the party
is doing away with those long roll call votes of all the cities and towns, and that the local party chairs will actually be voting by computer at Saturday’s convention, which should greatly reduce the time it takes
for those ballots.