HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont and legislative leaders at the Capitol are condemning remarks made by a Republican state representative from Eastern Connecticut who last week made comments comparing the governor to Adolf Hitler.

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The speaker of the House tells us State Rep. Ann Dauphinais (R-Killingly) will not be censured for her comments. That type of punishment requires stripping her of any committee chairs or positions of leadership.

Rep. Dauphinais is part of the Conservative Caucus in the House. She says what she wrote is no different than when Congressman James Clyburn, a Democrat from South Carolina, compared President Donald Trump’s success to the rise of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

Lamont says her analogy was disgusting.

“It dismisses the incredible ordeal of genocidal maniac back in the 1930s, Hitler, and understates the nature of that crime,” the governor said. “And I’m really proud of the fact that our legislative leaders are standing up saying ‘this is not Connecticut. We’re not gonna let it stand.'”

Tuesday the leaders at the Capitol, both Democratic and Republican, released this joint statement:

“There is simply no comparison between contemporary political issues and the actions of Hitler and his accomplices who were responsible for the murders of over six million Jews and millions of other victims…Our caucuses stand strong against these references becoming normalized in our politics and our communities.”

The executive director of the Jewish Federation Association of Connecticut says he is thankful we live in a state where our elected officials will not allow this.

In the meantime, State Rep. Dauphinais spoke with us over the phone. She told us her “constituents are scared and living in fear of what will come next.” She added, “what I said doesn’t hurt anyone. His [the governor’s] actions do.”

Dauphinais says people are losing their jobs and are suffering from not getting health services because of the prolonged government shutdown during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.