Lamont on TV spot: will take no salary or state car if elected

New Haven, Conn. - Ned Lamont says he came up with the concept on this first commercial, and says he won't accept any salary or even a state car if he's elected.  All this while driving down a street in what appears to be an average middle class neighborhood.

In the commercial Lamont says,  "I'm not running for governor as a stepping-stone … not thinking about re-election, not going to take a salary, and I don't need a government car. This one's going to do just fine. The middle class has taken a hit for years; maybe it's time for your governor to give back as well."

In his first TV commercial, Lamont says turning 64 has been liberating, and promises to be totally open about what he does and says he knows he can't turn the state around in a year. At his New Haven headquarters on Wednesday, Lamont said he has one main message he wants to get across at aThursday night's debate. "Shaking up Hartford and making the big changes we need to get Connecticut working again.  If I can leave them with that message I'll feel like the debate was well done."

Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says, "There really isn't a plan of attack, I think, hopefully (what) the viewers see is a little bit of just me.  I don't go in with a pre planned strategy." Ganim says he has no preplanned strategy but at every opportunity he attempts to portray Lamont as an 'out of touch with common folks rich guy from Greenwich.'   Look for Ganim to try to make that point during          
the debate.  Ganim saying of Lamont,  "I'm sure he's well polished, has handlers that will tweak him.  I don't really do that.  Sometimes I just say it as it is."   Lamont has this retort,  "It's not where you're from it's where you stand and I'm going to be standing for the people of Connecticut."

Ganim's campaign says they are planning to start political commercials as well but no start date has been decided.

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