NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro has won reelection in Connecticut’s 3rd Congressional District race, according to the Associated Press. This after she claimed victory Tuesday night. Rep. DeLauro’s Republican challenger Margaret Streicker has not conceded the race as of Wednesday night.

For 29 years, Rep. DeLauro has served the district, which stretches from the Long Island Sound and New Haven, to the Naugatuck Valley and Waterbury.

She took on Milford real estate developer, Streicker (R), and doctor Justin Paglino, of the Green Party.

Earlier in the evening Tuesday, Streicker told News 8 she believed the race was too close to call and that a recount would be needed.

When asked about her comment, DeLauro said: “I won this race,” she declared, throwing up her hands. “I won it, so there. She can say whatever she likes.”

Prior to the election, the trio faced off in “The 3rd U.S. Congressional Debate,” which was put on by a partnership between News 8 and the Jewish Foundation of Greater New Haven.

The candidates spoke about COVID-19, Medicare, drug abuse and more. You can watch it here.

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Officials told News 8 150,000 absentee ballots were requested in the district.

Though victory has been declared, and there were no hiccups or major hurdles during Election Day in Connecticut, election officials in the third district and beyond pushed hard Wednesday to make sure every vote is counted.

Middletown continued their counting of 8,500 absentee ballots crucial to the 3rd Congressional District where votes were still coming back Wednesday.

David Bauer, Middletown’s Republican Registrar said, “Tonight we will know we practiced a very accurate election.”

Mayor Ben Florsheim added, “Integrity of the process is really what matters regardless of how big or small the margin is. Even though it’s taking an extra day to make sure we have complete results we’re doing that because we want them to be complete, we want them to be comprehensive, and we want folks to have confidence in the outcome of this election.”

Though Democratic congresswoman DeLauro declared victory Tuesday night, her Republican challenger telling News 8 Wednesday she, out of respect for the more than 100,000 absentee ballots cast, wants every vote to be counted.

It’s the same demand from protesters who gathered in Hartford and on the New Haven Green Wednesday.

Many, like Janice Swiatek, of Hamden, went to great lengths to exercise their constitutional right. She said, “I feel it’s more important than ever to not have anyone disenfranchised. All votes should count…anyone who votes in any election should have their vote counted.”

So behind plates of plexiglass with gloves, masks, and shields, the painstaking process of counting votes continues in towns and cities across the third district Wednesday.

In Hamden, more than 12,000 ballots still being processed. A pandemic turning the process into a marathon instead of a sprint.

Anthony Esposito, Hamden Republican Registrar of Voters said, “It’s been a big, big, big job and we’re going to do it and make it work and it’s going to come out fine.”

Middletown expects to finish counting by 8 p.m. Wednesday night. Hamden early Thursday morning. And in New Haven, as of 6 p.m. Wednesday they have 5,000 absentee ballots left to go and they expect to have counting completed by some time Thursday morning.

In a statement to News 8, Margaret Streiker said, “I remain committed to ensuring that each vote is counted in this unprecedented year of absentee ballots. While I recognize that the incumbent holds the lead in the race – and should she win I congratulate her for doing so – out of respect for the over 110,000 absentee ballots cast and the herculean efforts engaged by the Secretary of State’s Office and all those who have worked tirelessly to ensure voter access, it is appropriate to wait until the process concludes.”

See full election results here.

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