HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)– New developments in the state budget crisis overnight. A labor concessions deal passed in the Senate but just barely.

What happened is we have a State Senate that is evenly split, 18 republicans, 18 democrats, and they voted along party lines. That meant we had a tie on the labor concessions deal.Related: State Senate approves labor union concession deal

The tie in the senate was then broken by the lieutenant governor. That is democrat Nancy Wyman, and she voted with her democratic colleagues to approve the deal. Both sides agreed the state needed to reduce the cost of employee pensions and benefits significantly.

The unions agreed to this deal to save the state just over one and a half billion dollars during the current two year budget term, and save the state a total of 24 billion over the next decade.

Republicans did not like it because it locked in jobs and benefits until the year 2027. Democrats, like Milford Senator Gayle Slossberg, say they needed this to get a budget done.Related Content: Debate in Senate continuing on labor union concessions deal

“Obviously you can decide there are things you like and you don’t like. But there is big savings in this and there are things that are are addressed and the bottom line is that without this agreement we will have a $1.57 billion hole,” said Slossberg,

So now you can subtract that $1.57 billion from the projected deficit. Trouble is, that still leaves a hole of more than 3 billion that still needs to be filled. A few weeks ago, democrats floated a plan that would fill that with increases to the state sales tax. That is not popular with republicans or with Governor Malloy.

Without a budget in place, Governor Malloy is funding the state through executive order. As promised, he has cut spending just about everywhere.Related Content: Capitol Report: Discussion on the likelihood of a state budget agreement

If you’re counting, the state of Connecticut is now in its 32nd day without a state budget.