Malloy puts transportation construction projects on hold, awaits funding


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–Governor Dannel Malloy says a new kind of traffic jam has begun in Connecticut because funding for transportation projects, including new rail cars, is drying up.  He has announced that work on $1 billion worth of projects all around the state has officially been stopped and will not resume unless the General Assembly approves a plan to raise more money.Almost three years ago, Governor Malloy proposed a quick replacement for the aging and seriously over capacity system of ramps and roadways at the intersection of 84 and Route 8 in Waterbury known as the “Mixmaster.” That rebuilding plan is now on indefinite hold. He also proposed a critical improvement to the 91/Route 15 accident prone interchange at the Charter Oak Bridge in Hartford.  It is also on indefinite hold.

Along with the new parking garage at Union Station in New Haven, The elevated section of 84 in Hartford, The widening of 95 from Bridgeport to Stamford and over 100 other projects deemed critical across the state.

As News 8 reported nearly a year ago; the Department of Transportation has told lawmakers that the fund is headed for the red by 2020.Related Content: Funding for Connecticut transportation appears uncertain

You can view the entire list of CT DOT projects now postponed here.

D.O.T. Commissioner James Redeker saying, “We are at a point in transportation funding where there effectively is a 40% reduction in the D.O.T. capital program over the next 5 years without additional revenue.”  It is projected that he State Tax on Gasoline will not generate enough enough money to pay for transportation borrowing by July 1.  Governor Malloy saying, “I want to be very clear; this list we are sharing today is not a hypothetical list of projects. These are real projects that previously were on the ‘go list’ and now they’re off that list.”

The Governor says he will propose a funding plan for the General Assembly before the end of the month. The longtime co-chairman of the Transportation Committee, Rep. Tony Guerrera (D-Rocky Hill) who is a longtime advocate for electronic highway tolls, put it this way. “I don’t know what else it’s going to take unless they physically see something fall down for them to react here.”

The Republican leader in the State Senate says this is at least partially the Governor’s fault because over the past four years $164 million dollars was taken out of the Special Transportation Fund to balance the “General Fund” budget.  Sen. Len Fasano (R-North Haven) also contends that the Governor authorized transportation spending he knew couldn’t be supported by the fund to help create this crisis.

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