HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — As state budget red ink piles up, Governor Malloy is not ruling out another tax hike. More budget cuts are in the future as well, and the Governor says it’s not his fault.

The Democrats took a beating at the polls last week in Connecticut, and the Governor seems to be saying don’t blame him.

Most people out there think that I’ve increased spending dramatically… for what they would otherwise consider to be optional expenditures…and nothing could be further from the truth.”

Following Tuesday’s State Bond Commission meeting at the Capitol, the Governor appeared to be rebutting the Republican narrative that helped them make tremendous gains in legislative elections last week adding, “I get blamed for tax increases. You know who should get blamed? My predecessors.”Related Content: Malloy considering business tax changes in new budget

Malloy says that because Republican Governnor Jodi Rell, and Republican Governor John Rowland before her, went along with the Democrats that have controlled the Assembly in not fully funding the State’s employee pension obligations; and that is the real reason the state continues to face enormous deficits.

State Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano of North Haven believes the issues are solely on Malloy.

This Governor has always thought the answer to anything in the State of Connecticut is more taxes. That’s why we are where we are. He’s trying to run from that story but his policies are like tar, he can’t run from it, he’s stuck there.”

Tuesday, the Governor also said there are tax changes he wants to make next year that will, in his words “make our state more competitive.” But he would not rule out another tax increase to pay for it adding,  “What I’m trying to not do is be trapped into an answer to a question about how do you get to the point of those until such time as I have better data.”Related Content: New political ball game at State Capitol

The Governor also says that he does not believe lawmakers should be summoned back to the Capitol next month to address the growing red ink problem in the current budget year, preferring to take it one month at a time.

Republicans say waiting is a mistake.  Said Fasano,  “This waiting has never been good for the State of Connecticut, not in the last six years.”

The Governor did say that he does not expect to be raising a lot of additional revenue through a tax hike, and that more deep spending cuts are likely.