BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH)– A man allegedly protesting wearing masks amid the coronavirus pandemic interrupted Governor Ned Lamont during a press conference in Berlin on Wednesday.

Lamont was participating at the groundbreaking ceremony for Steele Boulevard, a transit-oriented development project near the Berlin Train Station.

While Lamont was speaking at the podium about the project, a man using a bullhorn protested Lamont’s mask mandate, arguing that there was no scientific evidence behind wearing masks to protect against COVID-19.

“You are not a king, Ned. My three-year-old does not need to be behind a mask,” he said.

The protester said that he wanted to talk to the governor but his calls were not returned so he came to the event with his bullhorn, signs and flags. He appeared to be joined by two others.

Lamont said that he would speak to the protester after the press conference.

Earlier this week, state officials announced that those who violate an executive order put in place during the pandemic will be fined. That includes an $100 for violating the mask order which is not wearing a mask while not social distancing.

There was a police presence at the event but no arrests were made at this time.