HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — One year ago, Governor Ned Lamont took the oath of office replacing fellow Democrat Dannel Malloy, whose job approval numbers were among the worst in the nation. 

Since day one, Lamont’s job performance has been highly scrutinized. The most recent public opinion poll conducted by GreatBlue Research for Sacred Heart University and the Hartford Courant found Lamont’s job approval has gone up by four percent since September 2019.

“The jury is still out,” said GreatBlue Ceo Michael Vigeant.

One thousand Connecticut residents answered an online survey or were called by phone. They were asked a number of questions for two weeks at the end of December.

Those who disapprove of how Governor Lamont is doing his job decreased by 5.6%.

Those who are unsure of how he is doing in his new role increased by 1.6%.

“More and more folks are seeing his willingness to listen and hearing both sides of the story he makes some adjustments,” explained Vigeant.

Top of mind for a majority of residents was the tolls and the truck only plan, which would charge 18-wheelers as they traveled over 12 of the state’s bridges.

According to the poll, 51.6% said they strongly or somewhat oppose the plan, compared to 47.5% who strongly or somewhat support the plan.

Also revealed in this poll was that nearly 60% of people don’t like the way the governor handled the issue of tolls.

But the pollster said regardless of how he approached it during the campaign and how he’s approaching it now – he [Governor Lamont] has been willing to change based on what he is hearing.

Whether it’s making adjustments or evolving into his role, one thing is certain: Governor Lamont has his work cut out for him.    

When asked about the poll results, the governor said he thinks the poll reflects that people are coming around in realizing the need for a transportation plan.