Mueller report fallout continues, Mitch McConnell: ‘Case Closed’


In a blistering speech on the senate floor Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that the investigation into President Trump and his 2016 election campaign is over. 

“Case closed,” McConnell said. “This ought to be good news for everyone. But my Democratic colleagues seem to be publicly working through the five stages of grief. First stage is denial.”

McConnell says he is ready to turn the page on the Russia probe, opening the senate with his “final thoughts” on the matter.

“The last stage of grief is acceptance. For the country’s sake, I hope my Democratic friends get there sometime soon,” McConnell said.

Democrats were quick to cry foul over the Republican leader’s remarks.

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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer took to the senate floor moments later to accuse McConnell of “whitewashing” Mueller’s findings.

Schumer said,”It’s sort of like richard nixon saying let’s move on at the height of the investigation of his wrongdoing. Of course he wants to move on.”

Then later in a joint statement, Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi went on to say, “Senator McConnell’s declaration of ‘case closed’ is a stunning act of political cynicism” and that “The special Counsel report left a raft of unanswered questions.”

The Democratic-led House is using Mueller’s findings as a road map of sorts for their on going probes into the president.

Pelosi said, “Trump is goading us to impeach him, that’s what he’s doing, every single day. He’s just like taunting, taunting, taunting.” 

Pelosi, who has said in the past Trump is not worth impeaching Tuesday morning accused the president of provoking Democrats by not cooperating with their investigations.

A last attempt between House Judiciary Staff and Justice Department officials to reach a compromise for the unredacted Mueller Report failed on Tuesday. The House panel will now move toward holding the Attorney General in contempt.

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