Murphy and Blumenthal vote “no” on ending federal shutdown


WASHINGTON (WTNH) — The Democratic leadership of the U.S. Senate cut a deal with the Republicans to end the federal government shutdown on Monday. However, Connecticut’s two Democratic U.S. Senators voted against the deal to end the shutdown.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut) told News 8, “Continuing Resolutions are bad for Connecticut because the defense department can’t sign new contracts so a lot of our manufacturers lose out on work.”

In addition to defense subcontractors, Sen. Murphy says the Continuing Resolution, which that extends basic government funding until Feb. 8th, is bad news for the state’s community health centers. He added, “Many of our community health centers will have to shut their doors temporarily or fire staff and there’s no disaster funding in a Continuing Resolution.”Related Content: Schumer’s ‘cave’? Shutdown deal puts spotlight on Dem leader

That means that the state will have to continue to foot the bill for many Puerto Rican hurricane refugees and for any that arrive during the next three weeks.

Sen. Murphy says he understands why many of his Democratic colleagues voted to end the government shut down, saying, “It’s not insignificant that Republicans have agreed to have a full and open immigration debate in a couple of weeks. The problem is we just kick the can down the road again.”

Because the resolution goes to Feb. 8th, members of the military, like the Coast Guard members working on the ice jam on the Connecticut River, should get their next paycheck. The same would be true for the military at the sub base in Groton where there are over 2,500 federal employees.Related Content: ‘I say pay it’ to get deal for ‘Dreamers’: Democrat says of Trump’s border wall

TSA security screeners at Bradley Airport should also get paid. In a shutdown, TSA and airport traffic controllers are exempt from furloughs. They’d have to work without pay.

There were also furloughs Monday at the federal courts in New Haven, Hartford, Waterbury and Bridgeport, but things should get back to normal on Tuesday.

Monday’s vote to re-open the government for three weeks includes agreement to work on a complete government funding plan that includes a plan to help the undocumented immigrants known as ‘Dreamers,’ the ones brought here as children.

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