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As part of our commitment to comprehensive campaign coverage, News 8 reached out to every candidate running for Congress or the U.S. Senate from Connecticut. We offered each of them a chance to post a profile on, and an opportunity to do a 5-minute interview with Ann Nyberg. The information below was provided to us by the candidate themselves.

Name: Dan Reale

Political Party: Libertarian

Age: 34

Education: High School

Profession: Paralegal

Hometown: Plainfield

Religion: Catholic

Elections and Appointments: Justice of the Peace

What is your plan to create more jobs in Connecticut?In addition to what I laid out above, we need to repeal all existing trade agreements and replace them with an equal trade policy for all nations and industries – no favorites and no special penalties other than laws saying you have to honor your contracts and you can’t defraud people. The problem with NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT (these three I promised under penalty of perjury to introduce legislation to repeal) and now TPP which will come online with Democrats or Republicans is that we pick winners and losers. We export our manufacturing base and high prescription drug prices. It’s all about liberty to have innovation in addition to repealing tax provisions that attempt to pick winners and losers while trying to steer economic choices. I favor federal legislation to provide for a cause of action to fight what I call “fraudclosures” – which will wipe out mortgage debt. I also favor legislation to make student loan debt dischargeable in bankruptcy. Creating jobs requires that we tackle the burden unmanageable and unserviceable debt has placed on our economy.

How would you lower taxes?Cutting spending is the only way forward at this point. To do that, first, you need to have transparency in healthcare pricing and implement the solutions I put forward tat Implementing those will not only solve the Medicare crisis, but it would, overnight drop healthcare costs by 50% and return 15% of the economy back to the people. These changes would cost the taxpayers zero dollars. Second, the troops all need to come home, and we should have no foreign boots on the ground without a congressional declaration of war. In addition to these changes, I would repeal all income taxes on wages – an income tax on wages is immoral, wrong and counterproductive. My preferred system would be that of apportionment, where the states raise the money according to their share of population and the federal government has no direct taxation on citizens.

How would you improve race relations?We have systemically ruined the African American community by promoting racial difference and the welfare state along with the drug war. We have also unnaturally expanded what we expect police officers to do – which should be limited as government should. The maximum limit of government should the protection of life, liberty and justly acquired property. Police, unfortunately, have become glorified babysitters – and the criminal justice system one of revenue for local governments and private prisons. Rolling all that back is the only way to even start dealing with the problem.How would you better prepare our country to fight terrorism?

We have to end this business of nation building and meddling with foreign governments. Bring the troops home. Congress has a tool in the Constitution known as letters of marque and reprisal – which can be issued against individuals who have proven themselves to be known aggressors. That tool has been successfully used against pirates and other terrorists in the past. I see no wisdom in blowing things up beyond that point to where we invade entire countries just because of one person or one group.

What is your plan to deal with immigration?The problem is not that people want to come here and work. We need that. The problem is we have a centrally planned economy. If we did not centrally plan the economy, then we wouldn’t be able to get enough immigrants in here fast enough to do all the work. The problem with a centrally planned economy and a welfare state is that immigration puts a load on public benefits while chasing away productive immigrants who otherwise see the writing on the wall and go somewhere their hard work and innovation would yield a greater benefit. We have to end central economic planning and government intervention in the economy – that’s the only way.

How would you deal with guns and gun owners’ rights?

I would repeal ALL federal firearms restrictions. The Second Amendment is non negotiable, just like the First Amendment is non negotiable. The Constitution is not a menu.

How would you improve gender inequality?

I would remove all special privileges, statuses and recognition in existing law. By definition, that’s equality.

How would you address the current system of campaign financing?

Repeal it and leave it to the states. Today’s existing system benefits Democrats and Republicans who have the resources and institutional knowledge to keep up – it just unfairly burdens their competition on the name of feeling good – even though the corruption still exists. It’s just transparent – they file the forms to overtly state the degree and nature of the corruption.

How would you address environmental issues?

If its across state lines, and someone or some organization causes environmental damage that affects someone else, I’d support a federal cause of action for that. The problem is, in between Deepwater Horizon and Fraudclosures – they’re too big to fail, too big to jail. The Libertarian position is, if you break it, you fix it or go broke until you do.

Why should voters cast their ballot for you on November 8th?

The short answer is that there’s a multitude of them as stated on Each issue is a reason I am running. Among the top is our fiscal situation – government debt and government policies to encourage debt have only crippled the economy. It’s gotten to that point where the debt problem solves itself by economic collapse or we solve it voluntarily by putting myself and other Libertarians in office to stop the madness in some orderly fashion. Other than that, the wars, bailouts, endless spying, social engineering, deterioration in healthcare quality while costs rise – it’s all unspeakably outrageous. The sad part is I’m the candidate who put the most work into really trying to find the best solutions rather than being guided by what I initially believed. In that process I became a Libertarian. I am the only candidate who will hold banks accountable for wrongful foreclosure while stopping any future bailouts. I am the only candidate in this race to put his promises under penalty of perjury in the form of an affidavit – something I cannot get my opponents to do. Above all, I believe in liberty and limited government because it works and I believe in your ability to manage your own life. True recovery – civil liberties, economically and in our well being – is only three months away from the date the solutions put forward on my website are implemented. These solutions are simple, don’t cost additional money and free up unprecedented wealth and creativity. everyone casting a ballot for me is casting a ballot for themselves.

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