HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — One of Governor Ned Lamont’s top aides has been thrust into the spotlight this past week. Josh Geballe, a former IBM executive, is the person Lamont has carrying out his directives during the coronavirus crisis.

News 8’s Chief Political Correspondent Mark Davis sat down with Geballe, who will be featured on Sunday’s Capitol Report, to talk about his job and what comes next.

Davis: “The administration has already made some pretty drastic moves in the past week, are there any other potential changes coming up next week?

Geballe: “We’re also taking a lot of action today and in the coming days that some state services that can be paused or delayed, so for example, yesterday, we announced that we’re giving a 90-day of grace period on DMV, driver’s licenses and other transactions. Just helping give our state workforce and our citizens a chance to not have to go into the office, get out of the house and interact like that enable that social distancing that the public health experts recommend and there’s a number of these types of actions that we’ll be rolling out in in the coming days.”

Davis: “What are you planning that’s going to take legislative action to help people whose lives have been changed very drastically?”

Gabelle: “So, we’re working on a legislative package working on tools that we already have at our disposal to provide support for small businesses to through this and for individual people who are going to have a really hard time over the next couple of months as the economy has really seized up and giving them the supports they need to get through this and back on their feet.”