HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The state leaders of the two major political parties are going at it over a GOP fundraiser. It’s to honor the three young high school women in the lawsuit against allowing transgender athletes to compete with them.

Back on Feb. 12 when the lawsuit was announced at a news conference on the steps of the State Capitol, one of the three young women, Selina Soule, a Glastonbury High School senior said, “When we line up in front of our blocks and the starter call us to get into position, we all know how the race will end. We can’t win.”

The lawsuit was filed to overturn a Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference rule allowing high school athletes to compete in sports in their gender identity.

Now the Connecticut Republican Party has decided to honor the three young women in the lawsuit by giving them the party’s “Courage Award” at a political fundraiser next month.
State Republican Party Chairman J.R. Romano telling News 8, “We felt it was important to honor these young women for taking a stand for their rights.”

But the Chair of the State Democratic Party, Nancy Wyman, says the fundraiser steps over the line adding, “The fact that the Republicans are using these teenagers to raise money is appalling to me.”

Romano retorted, “This is the same party that worships at the shrine of a 16-year-old climate activist. This is the same party that was silent when Dick Blumenthal raised money from Sandy Hook.”

The mother of one of the young women, Cheryl Radachowsky, told News 8 “We’re grateful for the support we received from a wide variety of perspectives and communities.”

This lawsuit is being bankrolled by a group called the “Alliance Defending Freedom,” a Christian conservative non-profit which the ‘Southern Poverty Law Foundation’ describes as an “anti-LGBTQ hate group.”