(WTNH) — Has the sheer number of Democrats running for President overwhelmed you? Wondering how in the world you can find out about their background and what positions and proposals they’re making? It’s a daunting task but some recent Connecticut high school grads have created the answer.

Three recent grads from Stamford’s Westhill High School are working daily to make sure their ‘Politalk USA’ app is constantly updated. Co-creator Julien Matrullo saying, “We created this app in order to provide unbias information on every single candidate on every single point of their platform.”

The free app has trended as high as number 74 in the free news app category. Julien describes it this way, “When you open up the app, you’re presented with all 24 candidates running for President and if you’re interested in look at one specific candidate, such as Joe Biden, it’s one candidate profile for him and you can look at his key platform points; budget and economy, any issue that you can think of.”

If you have a particular interest in a specific issue, like ‘gun control’ or anything else, you can get all the candidates positions on that specific is all side by side.

Keeping all this information current is a job Julien, his twin brother Christopher and Katie Gaia, expect to keep up with when they enter
college later this month.

Katie saying, “I’ve been learning how to code on ‘swift,’ which is like the ‘Apple’ form of software.” Christopher adding, “I work as a lifeguard and usually what I do during my shift is; I’m on my computer, connected to the internet, and updating the app, researching candidates.”

Julien, Christopher and Katie say they are hoping to launch the Politalk USA website Friday ight so that everyone can have access to all of the info they continue to gather and post about these candidates.

For more information, visit their website here.

The next Democratic Presidential debates will be seen on News 8/WTNH and ABC in just four weeks, on September 12 and 13, just after Labor Day.


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