HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Contention arose in the courtroom Monday in the continuing race for Connecticut state treasurer.

State Rep. Harry Arora, who is running for the treasurer role as a Republican, has filed a lawsuit against the Independent Party for allegedly not filing its rules with the state before its caucus. Therefore, Arora argues, the candidate, Jennifer Baldwin, should not be included on the November ballot.

“The reason we feel strongly about it is that the candidate they have put forward has not put herself forward as a serious candidate,” Arora said. “She was not at the caucus, so she has not put a website out. She has not campaigned. She has not put a platform out. And, finally, she has filed a one-in-error filing, which means that she will not raise or spend more than $1,000 on a state by campaign and her.”

Baldwin is a current board of education member in Guilford. Erick Russell, a Democrat, is the race’s third candidate.

News 8 has reached out to Baldwin for comment.

It is not clear when a judge will rule on the case.