(WTNH) – Former Republican House minority leader Themis Klarides is fending off attacks from the conservative right of her own party, including an attack from Republican National Committeewoman Leora Levy.

The attack shows an image of Klarides, Biden, and Blumenthal together on the television screen. Levy is heard saying, “I’m running to take the fight to Biden, Blumenthal, and all the career politicians who have failed us.”

And the Democratic incumbent Senator on the left. In the Richard Blumenthal ad, the two-term senator says, “Mitch McConnel wants Republicans to take control of the Senate and pass a national ban on abortion.” Blumenthal adds Connecticut’s Senate race is a pivotal vote in protecting a woman’s right to choose.

Klarides, the Republican endorsed candidate for US Senate, responds to the Blumenthal ad.

“He wants people to falsely believe that if I am elected, I would not support women’s right to choose. And once again, I’m not just saying that I support, I have a long record in the legislature of supporting women’s right to choose,” Klarides said.

Klarides, the state party endorsed candidate is pro-choice but is conservative on crime and immigration.

Leadership Now, a political action committee, just dropped a TV ad. An announcer is heard saying Themis is “The fighter to beat Dick Blumenthal.”

A recent poll by Siena College suggests Democrats have the support of college-educated voters and Republicans have the support of working-class and non-white voters, a major shift that could benefit a moderate Republican.

Wesleyan Professor Franklin Fowler says TV spots are up in U.S. Senate races.

“We still have a lot of very competitive primaries. And have continued to see record-breaking paces. So the American public better, you know, buckle up,” Fowler said.

Republican challengers, Peter Lumaj and Levy are both pro-life and are splitting the far-right conservative vote.

“I’m pro-life pro-second amendment and I voted for President Trump,” explained Levy.

In Levy’s case, she says she’s the only true conservative painting Klarides as GOP lite.

“A national committeewoman trying to break down other Republicans, that’s by definition a problem. And it’s really sad. And it shows the desperation,” added Klarides.

A Republican hasn’t won a U.S. Senate seat in more than 30 years.

With less than a month to the August Primary candidates are fundraising and getting the vote out. Klarides has heavy hitters like Republican Governor Larry Hogan from Maryland, Chris Christie, the former leader in New Jersey, and Charlie Baker of Massachusetts hosting events for her.