Conn. (WTNH) — Representative Jahana Hayes will soon be seeking re-election to Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. Some are raising questions about her decision to hire two of her adult children, Asia Clermont and David Crenshaw, as campaign staffers.

This is legal because they work for her campaign which is privately funded, and not her district which is federally funded. However, one man who hopes to unseat her said constituents are asking him if it is ethical.

“They may allow it but that doesn’t mean it’s right,” said George Logan (R), 5th Congressional District candidate. “We’re asking for two aspects to be looked at right? One is whether the work is real and whether the pay is legitimate.”

“This isn’t about scoring political points,” Logan said. “This is about a culture of entitlement.”

Hayes said it is not against the rules. She said campaign staffers are often transient and move on to the next election so she brought her children on board in part because of their continued commitment.

“The positions that you’re asking about are handling of my personal passwords and calendars and things that are deeply important, so to have someone stay on after the election season and have the consistency and also the trust… again it’s not uncommon,” Hayes said.

Gary Rose, a professor and chair of the Department of Government at Sacred Heart University, said it is very common.

“There’s absolutely no violation of the law there,” Rose said.

Hayes’ daughter is a scheduler for her campaign and her son is in digital support for her social media and virtual meetings.

Both are paid around $15 an hour among the lowest on her staff, but during the past few years, it has added up into thousands of dollars.

Hayes said these are fair questions and she is following federal election laws.

“As far as the question of my children working for my campaign, that has nothing to do with me serving the public in the capacity that I was elected to do,” Hayes said.

Rose expects to see this continue during the upcoming election season.

“All is fair in politics and issues are going to be raised,” Rose said.

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