WASHINGTON (WTNH) — Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) tweeted out a warning about the future of artificial intelligence on Sunday, warning that change is coming “really, really quickly.”

“ChatGPT taught itself to do advanced chemistry,” Murphy tweeted. “It wasn’t built into the model. Nobody programmed it to learn complicated chemistry. It decided to teach itself, then made its knowledge available to anyone who asked. Something is coming. We aren’t ready.”

Murphy then tweeted that while it took Facebook four years to reach 100 million users, and Instagram 2.5, ChatGPT hit that benchmark within two months.

“The consequences of so many human functions being outsourced to AI is potentially disastrous, and we aren’t having a functional conversation about this,” he said a tweet.

He later retweeted a post that said that “ChatGPT has only a superficial and often wrong grasp of chemistry,” and has only appeared to be convincing to those without a complex understanding of the topic.

His messages come amid continuing conversations about the acceleration of AI, chatbots like ChatGPT, and how artificial intelligence should be handled within educational systems and the arts.