(WTNH) — President Joe Biden issued his first address to a joint session of Congress Wednesday, where he laid out a plan to boost the economy on the eve of his 100th day in office.

In the address, he highlighted the progress the nation is taking in the fight against coronavirus and he proposed a $1.8 trillion investment in children, families, and education in a new stimulus package called the American Families Plan.

Following the address to Congress, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont released a statement, calling the president’s first 100-days in office “remarkable”. He said in part,

“I commend President Biden and Vice President. Harris for the remarkable progress they’ve already made to build back better. With 200 million vaccines administered nationwide, the American Rescue Plan Act enacted and delivering vital relief to all Americans, and with an economy already recovering lost jobs and poised for tremendous growth, it is clear that the United States is back on the right track.”

Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney was in attendance for the speech and hosted a Connecticut frontline worker as his guest of honor.

“It’s very surreal when I think about my day-to-day life and that it was unexpected and a humbling honor to represent my profession.” Sherri Dayton told News 8 ahead of the address. “I’m glad that I’m able to represent the workers who have been injured or who have lost their life at their job which should never happen.”

U.S. Congressman Courtney said, “It’s eye-watering in terms of what she’s done for the community, and for me, it’s a great honor to have her as my guest tonight.”

Chair of House Appropriations and Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro posted to social media following the address, saying, “President Biden has crafted a vision for our country to overcome the pandemic, create opportunity, and construct an architecture for a prosperous and equitable future.

U.S. Senator Chris Murphy was live-tweeting as Biden was giving his address. Murphy applauded Biden for addressing gun violence.

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal also took to Twitter to respond to Biden’s address, agreeing with Biden that the American Families Plan will be a historic investment in the future of the nation.