State Senate Leader under fire for social media post speaks out


(WTNH) — Democratic State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff of Norwalk spoke exclusively with Capitol Report’s Tom Dudchik during a taping of News 8’s public affairs show “Capitol Report.”

Host Tom Dudchick asks, “So Bob given the controversy behind the tweet, you still stand behind that?”

State Senator Bob Duff answers, “Well look… I would say that, yes. A tweet that I put out that connects the conspiracy theories of Q’Anon and the anti-vax movement raises their ire for some reason. So maybe it really is because they are anti-vax.”

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Duff’s tweet was sent Tuesday evening at 9:22 pm from his iPad. It said, “Let’s be very clear, the anti-vax movement is the offspring of Q’Anon movement. Where Q goes, they all go.”

Q’Anon is the far-right conspiracy movement that alleges Satan-worshipping, child sex-traffickers are plotting against former President Donald Trump.

Hundreds of people responded on social media. The families targeted by the tweet still want an apology. A number demanding Duff step down from his role as a party leader. Some defended their vaccine hesitation while others defend the State Senator.

Of the estimated 530,000 students enrolled in Connecticut schools, data shows approximately 20,000 are non-compliant with childhood vaccinations.

State Health officials say 8,000 of those have religious exemptions. A policy that lawmakers are trying to repeal.

“What we are seeing is very vocal minority of people. It is not the vast majority of people. The vast majority of people want to make sure their kids get vaccinated, that their friends and neighbors are vaccinated,” added State Sen. Duff.

You can see the entire interview on Capitol Report Sunday morning at 10:30 am on News 8 and online at

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