The Quinnipiac Poll showed Lamont ahead by 8 points among all voters and ahead with women voters by 22 percent.  Bob Stefanowski says he doesn’t believe the results of this week’s Quinnipiac Poll and is not avoiding issues of concern to women. 

But just like during the debates, he circles the answer to any interview question around to one of the central themes of his campaign saying,  “Ned and I both have the same objective which is to take care of women voters, to fund education, to fund health care.

The fundamental difference is he wants to do it by raising taxes again.”

He also says that Ned Lamont and Susan Bysiewicz events claiming the protections of the Affordable Care Act would be in danger if Stefanowski is elected are completely unwarranted explaining,  “I am firmly for protecting people people with pre existing conditions.  I’ve never said anything different than that and for Ned Lamont to come out and insinuate it just shows how desperate he is.”

Stefanowski does split with his running mate Joe Markley.   Lamont and Bysiewicz have noted that Markley was the only Senator to vote against a pay equity bill last May. 

“I do support the pay equity bill, said Stefanowski adding, “I would have signed it if I was Governor.   I do support family rights.  I do think the family should make the decision around, you know, having a kid.”

So he does agree with Markley on a proposed bill to require parental consent before an abortion but not on the pay equity bill vote.

Stefanowski insists that voters in the race for Governor are not really that interested in his views on Washington issues. 

The Quinnipiac poll also found that over 80% of voters said their main concerns were the economy, taxes and state spending.