Gubernatorial candidates Ned Lamont, Bob Stefanowski and petitioning candidate Oz Griebel aren’t the only ones asking for your vote.

6,300 5th graders across the state are registered to vote for Kid Governor.

The list was narrowed down from 30 5th graders to seven.

Each student running for Kid Governor is campaigning for change, proudly representing personal platforms

“As a proud member of the LGBTQ community, or lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or questioning, I’m looking first to having your help to keep our schools safe and to spread the message that love is love,” Ella said. 

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“So this harnesses that and gives them an outlet to learn about how to find their voice and how to do something productive to make a difference around them,” Brian explained.

This program is much more than a contest that promotes civic engagement and participation.

“It’s actually an election for a student to serve a year of leadership and advocacy,” Brian added.

Our newly-elected Kid Governor will serve for one year. Their office is even located in the old state house where historic Connecticut governors once sat. He or she will travel the state when the school schedule allows for it and promote their platform

The polls are open till Nov. 13th and these seven candidates are asking for their fellow 5th graders to vote by clicking here.