Tolls to take center stage at State of the State Address


HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — On Wednesday during Governor Lamont‘s State of the State Address, we are going to hear a lot about new ways the state can make money, from pot to gambling to tolls.

It’s tolls that have gotten the most attention, but much like commuters, we keep going back and forth over the same ground. Governor Lamont ran on the IEA of truck-only tolls. Then Rhode Island ran into legal trouble with that same idea, so it became tolls on everyone, which no one really wanted.

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Then it went back to trucks-only tolls, but on the highways themselves and certain bridges on those highways. It’s all to fund repairs and improvements to the state’s crumbling infrastructure. Governor Lamont may have caused himself another transportation headache on Tuesday when he said he was not pushing for a second train station on Bridgeport‘s east side.

“Right now our plan is to look at the existing station upgrade as opposed to adding on a new station,” Gov. Lamont.

Rep. Chris Rosario of Bridgeport saying “I won’t take no for an answer on the Barnum Station. If he can’t support this project he needs to go back to the drawing board.”

Recreational marijuana is a topic we’ve gone over and over a few times as well. It actually made it through several legislative committees last session, but never came up for a vote. The governor has tried to coordinate with New York and New Jersey to keep pot laws consistent.

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New Jersey has been making some serious book from sports betting, and some would like Connecticut to get in on that action, but any kind of gambling expansion would have to get the blessing of the Native American tribes.

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