Trump supporters: "The president is a man of his word"

NAUGATUCK, Conn. (WTNH)-- Hetty Lou Dow is just one of many small business owners in the valley who voted for President Donald Trump.

She says Trump is doing what he said he would do. Hetty Lou Dow with Mr. D's Tavern said, "I think it's awesome because he is actually holding up to his word on what he said he wanted to do."

Dow told NEWS8 she doesn't regret voting for President Trump. Dow added, "He has his 100 day plan where he's trying to get a lot done right off the bat. He's made some good decisions. I wouldn't change my decision on our vote or anything like that."

She's not alone. Down the street the owner of Moe's Auto, Moe Shira is happy Trump is keeping his campaign promises. Shira said, "So far he's been holding true to his guns. And I think that's pretty good, That's what a president should do. Do what they say." Immigrants from Portugal run Santos a busy restaurant in Naugatuck. The owners, are die-hard supporters of Trump. Charlie Santos said, "I think he's going to change a lot of things and let alone not have stuff that shouldn't be allowed or stuff that has been going on in this country."

Supporters said they stand by the President's executive order temporarily suspending refugees and banning immigrants from seven countries. Charlie Santos added, "Hopefully we can do some stuff to change and give the opportunity to other countries to come back into this country but for right now I think we should watch what we are doing."

Shira added, "I can understand why he is trying to do it. I don't want to say the word damage control, maybe he's just trying to slow things down so he can get a better grasp of who's coming in and maybe establish some new rules for us. so we can better screen people who are coming in and know what their intentions are." Dow said, "I think a lot of the changes we really did need. The pendulum needed to swing back the other way a little bit."

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