(WTNH) — It’s less than four days until the polls open here in Connecticut. The candidates are coming to ask for your vote, but which one shares your views on important topics? There’s a website designed to help you figure that out. It’s called ISideWith.com

The website has a quiz that asks you about all the big topics. In just a few minutes, you can answer the minimum 28 questions. We ran it by University of New Haven political science professor Chris Haynes and he said that’s not really enough.

“There are three economic issues that come up when you go to the economic issues part of the questionnaire and they ask two questions on welfare and one question about equal pay for equal work,” said Haynes. “Now I really don’t think those are necessarily representative of all the different economic issues that are considered by today’s voters.”

The quiz has more options, however. Click a button and you can get 14 more economic questions. If you like, there are more detailed answers than just yes or no. You can rate each question by how important the issue is to you. If you don’t know, hit the “learn more” button for a paragraph explaining the issue. We asked our expert whether the whole thing is really unbiased.

“Because a lot of my research is on question wording and framing and for the most part, I don’t have a lot of issues with the way they are framed,” Haynes said.

There was an interesting nugget in the Quinnipiac poll that came out a couple days ago. Trump and Clinton have big leads, yes, but 18 percent of Democrats and 25 percent of Republicans say they could still change their minds before Tuesday. Connecticut’s primaries happen so late they usually don’t matter much. Since they do this year, make sure you vote for the right person, just don’t get hung up on small differences on the isidewith.com results.

“If you get, like 89% agreement with Bernie Sanders, and 84% with Hillary Clinton, you know, I really don’t think because of that error that 89% to 85% or 84% really matters that much,” said Haynes

Haynes does not think people will click to get the extra questions. If you don’t, you may not get the most accurate results. Answering the extended quiz will take you about a half an hour. The professor says this is a good tool to educate voters, but it should only be one tool. You should also read literature from each campaign and watch the news to hear what the candidates are saying.

The Connecticut primary comes so late in the season it does not usually matter much. Now that it does, make sure your vote is an educated one.