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Wolcott, Conn (WTNH) — An elderly Wolcott voter was told she was required to have a photo ID before she was allowed to cast a ballot.

“She was flustered, worried she didn’t have the right thing,” said Kevin Brainard, a voter who was also in line at Wolcott Elementary.

Brainard contacted Electionland after the interaction.

In Connecticut, voters may be asked for an ID but are not required to show one to cast a ballot. Instead, voters can sign an affidavit.

Eventually, a Wolcott moderator was able to confirm that the voter did not need the ID and she was allowed to vote, said Brainard.

 Numerous voters have said they were asked to show identification across the state, including voters in New Haven.

Poll worker training from the Secretary of States office doesn’t always work, said State Elections Enforcement Commission attorney Josh Foley.

The states has a complaint tipline for voters to call with any issues they see. By 10a.m., the complaint tip line had received 120 calls. That is on track to exceed past elections, which have gotten as many as 700 calls.

The most common complaints, said Foley, include broken tabulators and long wait times.

Before a complaint is official, it has to be signed and notarized. So far, the only complaints received have been over the phone.