PORTLAND, Conn. (WTNH) –  Megan Kasperowski is an 11 year-old from Portland’s Brownstone Intermediate School. She thought the school assembly was just to watch the election results for Connecticut Kid Governor. Then she heard her name.

“The next kid governor for the state of Connecticut is Megan Kasperowski,” announced Deputy Secretary of the State Scott Bates from the video screen.

Here’s how it works: Thousands of fifth graders from across the state voted for one of 7 final candidates.

“They learn through lesson plans that we’ve created about state government, civic engagement and voting and then they put together platforms that have to do with a community issue they want to see changed,” explained Brian Cofrancesco of the Connecticut Public Affairs Network, which coordinates the Kid Governor program for Connecticut, and is branching out to other states as well.

The students all make campaign videos outlining their platforms. Megan chose fighting cancer.

“Well, I figure that it’s happening to a lot of people and that has to stop,” Megan said.

While raising money for a cure, she is also going to work to help people already suffering from cancer. Her father said Megan is the kind of person who will get the job done.

“I think she’s ready,” said Derek Kasperowski. “She’s a confident kid who likes to get her message out there. She’ll enjoy it and do a great job with it.”

Next on Megan’s executive agenda is her inauguration. That will be in January at the Old State House in Hartford. If it’s like last year, the grown-up governor will be there, too.